December 14, 2018

Day 74

12/17/2018 Bus Duty

Team 2

C Compton

A Amos

S Belcher

D Stevenson

Cafeteria Duty 12/17-12/20

Team 2

1st: M Long, T Hooker

2nd: Kr Fletcher, R Potts, S Stoots, M Gilbert

3rd: R Parker, B Ashby, A Bostic

•The library will be closed all day today for the winter speech conference. Please do not send students to the library. Online students need to go to the office conference room for their online classes.

•Lebanon High School will have auditions for the spring musical, The Wizard of Oz this Sunday, December 16. Primary, elementary, and middle school student auditions will be at 2:00 and high school auditions will be at 5:00.

•Lebanon High School's literature and art publication, The Lock and Flint, is looking for submissions for this year's special edition: Tale of the Lonesome Pine. This year's theme is inspired by the history, life, and beauty of Appalachia. In conjunction with LHS's art and drama programs, this edition will be presented for Lebanon's bicentennial celebrations. Submit your poetry, short stories, nonfiction, art, and/or photography to the website that is listed on the flyers around the school by January 18, 2019. See Mrs. Kinder in B1 for more information.

The website is